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Sacramento Kings: The Ultimate Offseason To-Do List 沙加缅度国王:休赛期的「终极任务」


The Sacramento Kings have an important summer ahead of them. The purple and white surprised the league this last season as they finished with a record of 39-43 and asserted themselves as one of the young and promising teams in the league.


But now the expectations have risen. In the 2019-20 season, the Kings not only have to repeat the success they had this year but elevate themselves as it is a must for them to seal a playoff berth for the first time in 13 years.


Right now, the Kings’ roster is electric and exciting, but definitely not good enough to guarantee a top-eight spot in the tough Western Conference. That is why this summer is key for Vlade Divac and company. They must find a way to acquire better talent to improve their personnel.

现在的国王,阵容年轻,充满活力和激情,但这绝不足以保证他们在竞争激烈的西区联盟中能排进前八名。这正是今夏对Vlade Divac至关重要的原因。他们必须想办法得到更优秀的天赋球员,以此来提升球队整体素质。

Luckily, the offseason is the time for teams to enhance their rosters, especially during the NBA Draft and free agency periods. With both the draft and free agency getting closer by the day, the Kings need to do well in both in order to be very optimistic about next season and beyond.


But what would be considered an accomplishment for the Kings in both the draft and free agency?


To find out what, check out this slideshow that I have written which will showcase the ultimate to-do list for Vlade Divac and the Sacramento Kings this summer.

为了找出答案,来看一下我为Vlade Divac和沙加缅度国王所列出的今夏终极任务清单。


Must Acquire One Asset From The Draft必须在选秀中得到一名有价值的新秀

The Sacramento Kings do not have a first-round pick in the upcoming draft, but they do have three picks in the second round. Most likely, the Kings will not be acquiring a promising star like De』Aaron Fox or Marvin Bagley III in this year』s draft. But that does not mean that they still cannot select an asset for their team this month.

在即将到来的选秀中,国王虽然没有首轮选秀权,但却手握三支次轮籤。在今年的选秀中,国王大机率得不到像De’Aaron Fox或者Marvin Bagley III这样的明日之星。但这并不意味着他们没法为球队挑选到一名有价值的潜力球员。

The Kings do not need a star necessarily, although I am sure the Kings community would not be opposed to it. But rather, they just need one of their picks to land a solid guy for their rotation of players next season. The position does not matter as well. Just get someone who can flat out play the game and help the Kings win games.


As of now, Vlade Divac has three chances to land that type of player, but his chances could increase if he decides to move up in the draft. Possibly in the first round?

截至目前,Vlade Divac有三次机会挑选这类型球员,不过他的机会也有可能增加,假如他决定把选秀权升级的话。那幺他有可能交易到首轮籤吗?

This would not be a pipe dream for the Kings. They have three second-round picks and young assets on their team, so packaging a deal with another franchise to get in the first round is definitely doable.


But no matter what Vlade decides to do when he is on the clock, he has to make sure he is getting a player who can legitimately compete for playing time next season.


The effort to achieve this has not been questioned, however, as the Kings have been powering through pre-draft workouts for the last couple of weeks.



Sign A Reliable Backup For De』Aaron Fox为De’Aaron Fox籤下一名可靠的替补

There is no question that De』Aaron Fox solidified himself as the Kings』 starting point guard going forward with how he performed in his sophomore campaign. But that does not mean that the point guard spot overall is not set for the purple and white.

毫无疑问,作为球队先发控卫,De’Aaron Fox巩固自身,延续了他在二年级比赛时的表现。但这并不代表国王可以忽略这个位置。

For the Kings to take that next step forward, they need more reliability at the point guard position, specifically the backup point guard spot. They need another facilitator who can run BOTH the fastbreak and halfcourt offense well night in and night out.


Last season, the Kings did have guys like Yogi Ferrell and Frank Mason III who shined occasionally last season, but there were also times where they either were inconsistent with their efficiency or did not play like the pure distributor that the Kings desperately need for their roster.

上个赛季的国王确实有着像Yogi Ferrell和Frank Mason这样的球员,这种球员上个赛季偶尔能在赛场上大放异彩,但也有一些时候,他们要幺效率不高,要幺没能成为球队迫切需要的那种Playmaker。

It would be a tough ask for a young player to take on the facilitator role and produce every game. So if the Kings are going to add this type of player this summer, they are probably going to target veteran point guards.


Some options that stand out are Derrick Rose, Ish Smith, and Patrick Beverley. Hopefully, Vlade is able to attract them for a meeting with the team.

Derrick Rose,Ish Smith和Patrick Beverley都是一些不错的选择。希望Vlade能吸引他们与球队会面。沙加缅度国王:休赛期的「终极任务」

Bolster The Wing Position加强侧翼位置

Going into the 2018-19 season, the Kings were desperate for any kind of production at the small forward spot. During the season, Vlade did a good job in improving it as he took the chance in trading for Harrison Barnes from the Dallas Mavericks. But with that said, the Kings still need to bolster the small forward position for next season.

进入2018-19赛季之后,国王就迫切地希望能从小前锋这个位置上得到任何形式的产出和贡献所以在这个赛季中,Vlade抓住了来自独行侠Harrison Barnes的交易机会,在小前锋位置上做出了提升和改善。但儘管如此,国王在下赛季仍然需要对小前锋位置进行加强。

Adding another 3-and-D guy for the Kings at small forward would be huge. Not only would it improve the Kings on both ends of the floor, but it would also add must needed versatility to the team』s personnel.


In today』s NBA, having a good and productive group of wing players is important. It would give a team a lot of room to create different lineups which is key in today』s NBA where positions do not necessarily matter.


Going into the offseason, especially free agency, there will be a lot of star-caliber wing players that will be available to sign. Some guys on the list are Kevin Durant, Jimmy Butler, and Tobias Harris.

进入休赛期后,会有大量明星级的侧翼球员可以籤约,尤其是那些自由球员。诸如Kevin Durant,Jimmy Butler和Tobias Harris都是很好的选择。

Most likely, the Kings will not be able to sign those guys, even if Vlade does offer them the supermax contract. But with that said, they still can land a wing player to help their squad. Guys like Bojan Bogdanovic, Kelly Oubre, and Danny Green are all free agents as well and could definitely bring a spark to the Kings if they decide to sign with them.

当然国王几乎不可能籤下这些球员,即便Vlade可以给他们开出超级顶薪合约。但话虽如此,他们仍旧有机会找到一名侧翼球员来帮助他们的队伍。像Bojan Bogdanovic,Kelly Oubre,还有Danny Green都是自由球员,如果国王籤下他们,他们绝对可以碰撞出火花,给国王带来惊喜。


Find The Ideal Big Man寻找完美的大个子

For the last four years, the Kings have put their faith in Willie Cauley-Stein to become their long-term starting center. But so far, the experiment has returned inconsistent results.

在过去四年间,国王一直把信任倾注于Willie Cauley-Stein身上,他们认为他能成为国王长期的先发中锋。但就目前来看,实践的结果并不如预期所想。

Whether is it Cauley-Stein or not, the Kings need to find a big man that can give them reliable production on both ends of the court. To be specific, a big that can rebound and protect the rim would be ideal for Sacramento』s roster.


If able to find this type of center, it would definitely improve the Kings next season. A few of the weaknesses that the purple and white had during their 2018-19 campaign was struggling to rebound the ball and to protect the rim, as they were ranked 20th in defensive efficiency for the year.


It would also be a plus if the next starting center for the Kings could be a reliable shooter from the midrange and perimeter as it would help create spacing when the team is running their halfcourt offense.


Not the biggest need, but still a need for the Kings is to find a consistent guy to play the starting center spot next season. They really need someone who can rebound the ball on both ends, can protect the interior on defense, and can create spacing on offense.


Some upcoming free agents that fit at least some of these qualities are Nikola Vucevic and Brook Lopez. Other options are Marc Gasol and Al Horford, but only if they decide to decline the player options on their contracts.

即将成为自由球员的Nikola Vucevic,Brook Lopez都是符合这些条件的优先选择。当然也有其他的选择,譬如Marc Gasol,Al Horford,不过前提是他们决定拒绝合约中的球员选择权。

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